Article Marketing Done the Right Way

Article marketing may not be as efficient as it was a few years ago but it is still a good way of driving traffic and for getting quality backlinks. Here are the main points you need to know in order to make your article marketing efficient.


Rule Number One: aim for quantity.

Most people who try article marketing submit just a few articles. The articles may be high quality articles but that by itself does not guarantee success. It is much better to submit a lot of articles, in this case quantity is better than quality. Although that does not mean that you should write poor articles. Just remember that you don’t need to say anything mind blowing in your articles.

Unfortunately, even if you put a lot of effort into keyword research, building backlinks to the articles and so forth, it’s still going to take a fair amount of time before you begin to see results. It takes a while for the articles to rank, and you never know whether it will drive any traffic at all for that given keyword. On the other hand, successful article marketing gives will drive traffic to your sites for a long time.

The big players in article marketing will almost always aim to submit 100 to 200 articles to begin with in one niche, before they concentrate on trying to rank them in the search engines for keyword phrases. Articles don’t have to be lengthy. In fact, due to the small attention span that people have when browsing, the shorter the article the better.

The quicker the visitor reads through your article, the better. The sooner they reach the end, the sooner they’ll see your resource box and (hopefully) click through to your site to learn more. The best article directories allow articles as small as 250 words. If you have a lot to say, write two articles.


Your article title is the most important thing.

Many people overlook this with article marketing. A big portion of traffic to your articles come from the article directory itself, people browsing the site. For example, had over 12.5 million visitors in September 2010. That’s in one single month.

This is why your article title is so important. A poor title will not attract any readers, no matter how interesting the article itself may be. Create the title to force people to want to click through and read your article. Make it compelling, curious, promise benefits and secrets that can only be obtained by reading your article.


Leave unanswered questions.

Back to what was mentioned earlier about short articles. It’s also an idea to leave your content slightly unfinished. Then include in your resource box that the reader should click the link to get the answers. This urges the reader to want to investigate your site, and increases your click-through rate significantly.


Make the most out of the resource box.

Many article writers make the mistake of making of not using the resource box as an advert. They simple simply say “Joe Smith is an expert at ______, his website is”.

Remember, your resource box is an ad. The article directories let you write anything here – make your content as promotional as you want. No point in spending all that time on the article title and body, when the reader gets to the end and does nothing.

The resource box also has to be compelling. Put as much effort into it as the title. Make the reader really want to click through to your site.

Remember that the article directory has hundreds of links on the same page competing to get the readers attention, links to different articles, AdSense ads, categories etc. You want to persuade the reader to click on your link in the resource box. You must make it compelling.



In summary, those who have the will power to commit to writing and submitting 100 articles in one niche or category are the people that get the most success out of article marketing. Most people give up after their 5th or 6th article. Some of them always quit pretty soon, others are disappointed because they didn’t get instant traffic to their website.

Article marketing is more about consistency than anything else. Don’t be disappointed when your first submission only gets 25 views. In fact, don’t even look at statistics until you’ve submitted your first 100. Concentrating on individual statistics will only get you sidetracked and slow you down. The whole goal should be consistent submission of good articles with intriguing titles.

Remember to make the titles and resource boxes compelling. Treat it as a mini sales letter rather than an article. Get those clicks! Do this, stay committed and consistent each day, and you’ll be on the road to success, big traffic, and high conversions with article marketing.


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