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Clickbank Affiliate – Is It Worth Trying

If you are new to Internet marketing, you may find it difficult being accepted into CPA networks. Becoming a Clickbank Affiliate on the other hand is easy. But is it worth trying to promote Clickbanks products? After all, you only get paid if you manage to make a sale.


Clickbank is very popular, and a lot of people make big money promoting Clickbank products. As a beginner, Clickbank has one big advantage, you get automatically accepted. It can be difficult getting accepted by CPA networks, especially if you don’t live in the western world. Becoming a Clickbank affiliate on the other hand is easy, just create an account and you are ready to go. Actually, you can have multiple Clickbank accounts.


But while CPA affiliates can paid without something being bought, Clickbank affiliates have to sell a product before they get paid. This is of course much tougher than promoting email submits. But Clickbank has a couple of advantages as well. Often the payout is good, many products give you a commission of more than $20 and some of them are subscriptions that may generate monthly income. Since Clickbank products are electronic, they are downloaded not shipped. This means that you can promote Clickbank products to the whole world, most CPA offers are limited to just a few countries.


Unfortunately, many Clickbank products are already being promoted by many affiliates. The competition is often tough, it is not easy to get organic traffic and paid traffic is often very expensive. Needless to say, most of the so-called Clickbank super affiliates have big lists. As a beginner it is very difficult to successfully promote the most popular Clickbank products.


But Clickbank has thousands of products. If you are a beginner, it is well worth testing Clickbank. But avoid the most popular products. Clickbank uses the term gravity to tell you how many affiliates have managed to sell a product. A high gravity means that a lot of Clickbank affiliates have made at least one sale. The exact formula used to calculate gravity is not known but Clickbank adds together the total number of affiliates that have managed to make at least one sale of the product. This means that an affiliate that has made 300 sales have the same weight as an affiliate that has only managed one sale. The gravity covers the last eight weeks, the more recent the week the more weight it gets.


Products with gravity of greater than 50 are probably too popular, while products with gravity of less than 5 are probably too tough to sell. The idea is to try to find products that can be sold but are not being promoted by most super affiliates.


So back to the initial question, Clickbank affiliate, is it worth trying? Certainly, if you are a beginner, you can quickly get started as Clickbank affiliate. And the harsh reality is that if you can’t make any money promoting Clickbank products, you are unlikely to make money as a CPA affiliate. On the other hand, if you can make money as a Clickbank affiliate, you can make even more money with CPA marketing.