CPA Marketing Introduction

CPA Marketing is not much different from traditional affiliate marketing. As a CPA affiliate, sometimes called CPA publisher, you drive traffic to a landing page. The landing page promotes a product or service offered by a CPA advertiser, sometimes called CPA marketer or seller.

As a CPA affiliate you get paid every time a visitor takes an action. This can be making a purchase, the same as in traditional affiliate marketing. But the action can also be something that does not require any credit card details, for example just submitting a valid email address. A lot of CPA affiliates have managed to make big money by converting a huge number of simple email submits or Zip Code submits. The payout is generally low, often just a little bit more than a dollar. But since no purchase or credit card details are needed, the conversion rates can often be well above 10%

Most CPA networks have a wide range of CPA offers. The can be the simple email submits and ZIP Code submits. Other offers that do not require credit card details short and long forms. Here the visitor has to enter more information, so the payout is better. CPA networks have traditional sales offers but also free trials. Here the payout can be very good but credit card details are needed, so the conversion rates are generally lower. Most free trial offers include a shipping and handling fee to be paid upfront by the customer. Other offers are downloads and PIN submits (for mobile phones) Promoted to the right audience these offers can be very profitable.

In order to be able to promote CPA offers, you need to be approved by the CPA networks. It is generally good enough to be member of a just a few of the bigger networks. Getting accepted by the CPA networks can be difficult, especially for beginners. But if you have professional email address, not a free hotmail, gmail or similar email addresses and a professionally looking web site you are quite likely to be accepted by many of the CPA networks. You should also use a company, rather than applying in your own name. You need a telephone number as well, the CPA network will call you and interview you before accepting you as a CPA affiliate. So make sure that you are prepared to answer questions such as how you are going to promote offers and what kind of offers you are going to promote.

But being member of a couple of CPA networks will not automatically make you rich. You need to know how to drive traffic to the CPA offers. But before you start to drive traffic to a specific CPA offer read the restrictions (Terms of Service) for that offer. Most CPA offers have restrictions how it can be promoted, for example by email only. This is very important, since if you are promoting an offer in a way that is not allowed, your account may get terminated. Most CPA offers are also limited to specific countries. So if you are paying for the traffic, you want to make sure that you are only paying for traffic from the countries that are allowed for that campaign.


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