Easy Ways To Drive Traffic From Video Marketing

Video marketing can be a good way of driving traffic. You can make your own videos or buy other people’s videos or just get them to insert your message into their videos. If you are making your own videos, have you been disappointed with the results of your efforts so far?

It may be that you’re missing certain elements to the video marketing process that are hampering your results.

Below are 5 tips that will improve your video marketing strategy to allow you to drive that massive traffic you’ve been expecting.


Tip #1 – Tagging:

Find the most popular videos on the same subject on YouTube as the video you are submitting, copy down and use the exact same tags.

This ensures that your video has the potential as ranking the same as the similar video, and it will help your videos showing up in the related videos section of that same popular video.


Tip #2 – Video Length:

It’s worthwhile to remember that most web users have short attention spans, and they are more than ready to click away from your video the moment they get distracted or bored.

So bear this in mind when it comes to video content and length. A ‘pithy’ video under 2 minutes is far better than a 10 minute lecture. If you have a lot to say, make several videos instead.


Tip #3 – Submission Timing:

Generally, when you have a series of videos is to release and publish one at a time, in an effort to get the viewer to subscribe and return regularly for further content.

But it is far better to have all of your videos submitted at the same time. The reason being is that if the viewer is ‘in the zone’ for what you have to offer, and is enjoying your video, they are far more likely to click on your other videos listed than come back at another time.


Tip #4 – Optimizing:

Optimizing your video marketing for the search engines is straight forward.

Once you’ve come up with a list of keywords, check that the competition isn’t too high, and target each video for one particular keyword phrase.

First, the video title should be the actual keyword phrase.

It is also important that the first few words in the video description are the phrase too. Also, depending on the video directory, the listing can sometimes be further optimized by naming the video file name (that you uploaded) the keyword phrase.


Tip #5 – Getting ranked:

Web pages need backlinks in order to climb in the search result rankings. It is just the same with videos.

Granted, the video submitted may rank on page one of the search engines for a day or two, but it will soon drop off. This can be disappointing considering the amount of effort you put in to creating the video.

So, in order to make the video ‘stick’ in the search results, you’ll need to build some backlinks to the video page.

In most cases, you don’t need to go too far with the backlinks. Just a few will do. And linking with the anchortext containing the keyword phrase will help immensely. Even a few links from social profiles is enough.

Getting your video ranked in the search results can be a numbers game. Especially with Google, you can never know which video will get ranked, yet another reason to create several videos.

It could be that you spend a lot of time submitting a video and optimizing in YouTube, yet it never seems to show up in the search results.

That is where submitting the same video to more than one video site can come in handy. Sometimes a video won’t become ranked in the search engines with YouTube, but the same video may with VideoJug or another site.

Third party services are available like HeySpread, TubeMogul and Traffic Geyser that submit your videos many video sites at once. All you have to do is upload your video to the service provider, add the title, description and tags, and hit the submit button.

Not only does this multiply the amount of traffic you’ll receive, but it increases the likelihood that the search engines will rank at least one of the sites you submitted to with the keyword phrase it was optimized for.

Use these tips above each time you want to publish a new video, and you’re pretty much guaranteed traffic to your site from your effort. It will set you apart from 98% of other video marketers, who simply submit there video to YouTube and hope for the best.


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