How To Drive Traffic

No matter what offers you are promoting, you need traffic in order to get conversions and make money. Successful Internet Marketers know how to drive traffic to their sites.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s divide traffic into paid traffic and organic traffic. Paid traffic is of course traffic you pay for, examples are PPC, PPV and CPM. Organic traffic used to be traffic from search engines but with the success of social media and youtube it is possible to get a lot of free traffic from not only search engines.

As a rule of thumb, if you are rely on search engine traffic, you generally want to promote offers that pay at least $10, preferably much more. Trying to make money promoting free CPA offers that pay just a dollor with only search engine traffic requires a lot of traffic. Low paying CPA offers are in most cases best for paid traffic. If you have a lot of friends on facebook or followers on twitter, they can be very useful.

Organic traffic has the advantage that it is free. The main disadvantage is that it takes time to build up organic traffic. In many markets, most keywords are very competitive and getting onto the first page of google will take a lot of time and effort. Still, the simplest way of making money, is to find a keyword you can target and set up a web site optimized for that specific keyword. You need another couple of pages targeting related keywords as well.

George Brown’s Google Sniper was a very efficient way of making money a couple of years ago. Sniper sites are small sites that target just one or very few buyer’s keywords. The sites were optimized for the keyword in a number of ways. This used to work fine but Google did not like such sites and has come up with a number of ways of slapping sniper sites. It is still possible to make money with sniper sites but it is much tougher than it used to be. And a lot of people think that it will become even tougher in the future.

Instead so called authority sites have started to take over the first pages of Google. The drawback with authority sites is that it takes much longer to create them than to create sniper sites. Unfortunately, just because you build a large site with plenty of quality content does not guarantee that Google will like it.

The main advantage of paid traffic is that you get result at once. You set up a campaign and the traffic starts to flow, organic traffic on the other hand takes weeks to get results. But this also means that paid traffic often becomes a fast way of losing a lot of money. Unless you have money you don’t mind losing, avoid paid traffic.

In most cases, non-targeted traffic converts very poorly, while targeted traffic often turns out to be far too expensive. The simplest way of getting started with paid traffic is to spy on the competition. Find out what offers are continuously being advertised on sites with paid traffic. These adverts are generating a profit, otherwise they would not be around for long. Now you know which offers are winners, next you need to find similar, or the same, offers and find sites you can put your own adverts on. It requires a fair bit of work but is pretty straight forward.


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