How To Join CPA Networks

Joining CPA Networks has become more difficult. But with the right preparations it will be possible to join a couple of the bigger networks. It is enough to be a member of a couple of the bigger CPA networks. Joining too many CPA networks can be counterproductive. The CPA networks keep on introducing new CPA offers all the time, and terminating old offers. Promoting offers that are no longer valid will not make you any money so it is paramount that know what offers have been withdrawn.

So how do you get accepted by the CPA networks? Every network has its own rules for what kind of affiliates they will accept. But there are some basic guidelines that will improve your chances to get accepted. The basic things you should do before applying are:

– set up your own company

– set up a professionally looking website, in a CPA related niche

– prepared your business plan, what kind of offers to promote and how to drive traffic


By having a company you make a much more professional impression than if you are applying in your own name. Make sure to choose a suitable name and buy a .com domain and use it for your emails.

It has become tougher to join CPA networks. Without a professionally looking website, in a CPA related niche, you will look like a lightweight. Fortunately, it is easy to get a website. Either find a suitable template or go to elance and pay someone. Of course, you need web hosting as well. Web hosting is cheap nowadays, although you may want to avoid the cheapest providers. For just $15/month you can get unlimited numbers of web servers with a lot of features. Hostgator is one of the main providers, most people seem to be happy with them. You can find cheaper hosting than HostGator but HostGator has excellent customer support.

The CPA networks want honest affiliates who have clear ideas what they are going to promote and how they are going to promote offers. Having little experience does not automatically disqualify you. If you tell them you are at the moment focusing on one or two ways of driving traffic, and later on will try other ways of driving traffic, many networks will accept you.

The CPA networks are unlikely to accept you without a short phone interview. The networks want to make sure not only that they are dealing with real people but also with professional people. Thus, the phone interview is very important, especially if you are new to CPA marketing. You may want to ring the CPA network a few hours after you have submitted your application. This makes you look serious and you still remember what you told them in your online application. Also, sometimes the networks may reject applications without even calling the applicant. By ringing them, you will at least get a fair chance to be accepted by them. Make sure you know what kind of offers you prefer to promote and how you are going to promote them.

Two of the easiest CPA networks to join have been MaxBounty and PeerFly. If you are a beginner, you may want to try them first.

If you have trouble getting accepted by the CPA Networks, you can try to promote the products at You just need to sign up and then start promoting the products. But as always, first read the terms and conditions so you are not getting caught promoting any product in a way that is not allowed. ClickBank is another alternative which is still going strong. Here you can learn more about ClickBank


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