Increase Traffic With Yahoo Answers

One of the best and easiest ways to get high quality links to your website is by participating in Yahoo Answers. Quite a few affiliates have made big money thanks to Yahoo Answers. But you need to be careful, spammers are not welcome.


The traffic from Yahoo Answers is generally laser targeted and high quality, as the questioner is actively looking for a solution to their problem.

The idea is to answer questions each day on your chosen topic, and with each answer, cite your affiliate link as a resource. This is what generates the traffic, people clicking through to your source for more information.

The success formula is simple, just position yourself as a helpful and knowledgeable friend. But you need to be careful, if it too obvious that you are promoting products you will be labelled as a spammer.


Tip #1 – Stick To One Subject

The safest way to be successful with Yahoo Answers is to concentrate solely on one niche or subject.

It may make things a lot easier for you if you choose something you have knowledge in, as a lot of the answers you’ll be able to provide without doing any research. Naturally, it will also be enjoyable too.

That said, the market needs to be big enough for a lot of people asking many questions on a daily basis.

Some of the best niches to choose are the big 3:

Weight Loss

Make money


Alternatively, any niche where there is a big demand for a solution to a problem, and an immediate answer is desired, like yeast infections or acne for example.


Tip #2 – Use a ‘FAQ’ Sheet

After a couple of days of answering questions on Yahoo Answers, you’ll start to notice the same questions crop up time and time again.

To save yourself keep typing the same thing out all the time, keep a text document handy on your desktop containing ‘frequently asked questions’, and simply copy and paste the answer in.

Although, try to make it a little unique from the last time you used the same reply. You don’t want any of your answers reported as ‘spam’.
Tip #3 – Go The Extra Mile, Make a Landing Page

It’s easy to simply answer as many questions as you can, and use the same affiliate link or redirect every time, but this can be risky.

Your account is far more likely to be flagged or reported by another Yahoo user for being a spam account, because that same link will be seen in so many answers. Having your account shut down after all your previous hard work is not funny.

It is therefore worthwhile purchasing a domain name with hosting related to your niche. The point here is to create an actual website with presell content on it that will lead the viewer to click your affiliate link as a solution to their problem. Alternatively, you could have an opt-in to join your mailing list.

This will improve your ROI, especially if you build a list. To take this further, use your cheat sheet discussed earlier to create posts or pages on your site answering and expanding on each of those frequently asked questions. This is ideal, and can really increase your click-through rate.

For example, if one frequently asked question in your niche (weight loss for example) was: “what’s the best way to lose belly fat?”, you could create a page or post answering that exact question in a couple of hundred words.

I mean, if you asked that exact question in Yahoo Answers, and two people answered showing different links, what would you rather click on


Naturally, once the Yahoo Answers user has clicked through to your helpful content, they’ll find that the only recommended solution to their problem is via your affiliate link!


Tip #4 – Consistency

Like many other marketing practices, utilizing Yahoo Answers as a traffic building technique is a numbers game.

Answering only a couple of questions just isn’t going to cut it. You need to consistently answer questions in your niche on a daily basis. This will keep building up traffic to your site over time, and the effects eventually snowball.


To keep consistency, the best way forward is to develop the habit of answering a set amount of questions per day. Even as little as 5 will do, and these can be done in as little as 20 minutes.

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