Types of CPA Offers

The basic CPA offers types are:


E-mail submits

Email submits are very simple CPA offers. You get paid when a visitor enters a valid email address. E-mail submits do not pay much per conversion but since no credit card details are needed, conversion rates can be very high. Payout varies but is often about a dollar per conversion.


ZIP submits

ZIP submits are simple CPA offers. You get paid when a visitors enters a valid ZIP code. Like E-mail submits, you do not get paid much per conversion but since not much is required, the conversion rates can be very high. Payout varies but is roughly the same as for E-mail submits.


Short forms

Short form CPA offers require more information than E-mail submits and ZIP submits. But the number of fields needed is limited. The visitor may be asked for full address, email address, date of birth and gender. But generally, no credit card details are needed.  Dating offers often use short forms. Payout for short forms can be from just a dollar up towards ten dollars.


Long forms

Long form CPA offers are similar to short form offers but the visitor has to supply more information. Insurance or credit card companies often use long forms. Due to the amount of information required for a successful conversion, conversion rates are generally much lower than for simple offers like E-mail submits and ZIP submits. On the other hand, the commission for long forms is often generous, common payout start from $20 and go up towards $40.


Free trials

Free trials generally require credit card details. The customer has to pay a shipping and handling fee for the trial, generally around $5. And the company will automatically ship, and bill, the customer a new batch once the trial period has ended. Unless the customer cancels the subscription. The CPA affiliate gets paid as soon as a customer signs up for the free trial, and the commission is paid even if the customer cancels the subscription before the first shipment is due. For CPA affiliates free trials can be lucrative, the payout is often between $20 and $40.



CPA sales offers are the same as in traditional affiliate marketing. You get paid when a customers makes a purchase using your link. The payout varies but is often fairly high, from $20 and upwards. The main trouble is of course that a purchase is needed before you get paid. This make the conversion rates lower than for most other types of CPA offers.



CPA download offers are software that can be downloaded for free. The software can be a game or toolbar utility. The software also includes some kind of adverting, but this is no malware or virus. The user can remove the software at any time. As a CPA affiliate, you get paid once someone has downloaded and installed the software on their computer. Targeted to the right audience free downloads can be very profitable. The customers do not need to supply any personal information or credit card details, they just download a piece of software.


PIN submits

PIN submit offers are downloads to a cell/mobile phone. The customer enters his mobile number and will get a PIN code sent to the number. In order to get the download, for example a ring tone, the PIN code has to be entered. Payout for CPA PIN submits starts from about $2 and go up towards $10.


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